The FUTS trail links Foxglenn Park in south Flagstaff to Switzer Canyon Wash. While the trail is well-maintained, the surrounding habitat is fairly degraded at present, with invasive weeds dominating the vegetation. Still, Gunnison's prairie dogs have taken up residence and swallows are commonly seen executing aerial acrobatics. Recently, an Eagle Scout created a rest area with rock benches and a planted shade tree. This stretch of the FUTS has great potential for habitat enhancements to attract more watchable wildlife. 

What You'll See

Along the Foxglenn Trails, you will come upon the Foxglenn Prairie Dog Colony. This site gives the visitor an intimate look into the lives of prairie dogs. The information provided will spark your interest in the behavior of social animals and also in the role of a single species within the greater ecosystem. A loop trail with seven interpretive signs takes the viewer through a prairie dog colony and describes food webs, ecosystem engineers, social behavior, and more. In addition to the charming Gunnison's prairie dog, watch for raptors, elk, swallows, and more. 

Getting There

From Downtown, travel along E. Butler Avenue. Turn right onto the unpaved Fourth Street (commonly referred to as Dog Pound Road), and continue until you see a parking area lined in boulders on the right. 

Helpful Tips


Parking area, interpretive signs, bench and FUTS. Foxglenn Park offers ball fields, restrooms, and playgrounds. 

Access Info 

Walk or bike along the FUTS. Access also available for passenger vehicles at an unpaved parking area in addition to the FUTS. 


Find out about the fascinating life history of prairie dogs – including what goes on underground – with animal behaviorist Con Slobodchikoff in this AWWE audio guide. You’ll also hear about some of the other critters you can expect to see around prairie dog towns – including how to tell a coyote from a gray fox at a glance with NAU biologist Tad Theimer.

Narrated by Rose Houk, recorded and produced by Diane Hope with funding from the AZGFD Heritage Fund.


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