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Diane Hope with funding from the AZGFD Heritage Fund grant #U13001. 

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Ground squirrels & birding at The Arboretum. More site info

Park history, chorus frogs & butterflies.

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Birds, raccoons, striped skunks, & tiger salamanders. More site info

Pines, oaks, cavity nesting birds, & all about Abert's squirrels. More site info

Get the low down on prairie dog towns.

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Bird life, pond life & fishing. More site info

Upland oasis with intriguing insects & info on Arizona black rattlesnakes. More site info

Waterfowl, rails & shore birds. More site info


Pinyon jays, waterfowl & elk calls. More site info

Flagstaff's 'banana belt' with great birding & big cats. More site info

A mini canyon with a big surprise! More site info

Ancient petroglyphs, birding in all seasons & mammals galore. More site info

Mountain tree frogs & bats. More site info

Dragonflies, damselflies, and a guide to watching migrating birds. More site info

Big game country. More site info

Urban birding through the seasons. More site info: Sawmill County Park & Sinclair Wash

A site for all seasons with bald eagles, great blue herons & elk. More site info

Guide to identifying scat


If you're at an AWWE site in the middle of the day it might be difficult to see some of the larger game or other mammals. One of the best ways to identify who has been on the trail before you is to look for scat. 

Lynne Nemeth, Director of The Arboretum at Flagstaff, describes some of the most common mammal scat that you're likely to see; how to tell elk, mule deer, and rabbit scat apart; and how to distinguish coyote and fox scat from domestic dog poop. She also explains the difference between scat produced by bobcat and mountain lion from the canids (dogs, foxes, coyotes, and wolves), as well as how to tell an owl pellet from mammal scat. Introduced by Rose Houk, recorded and produced by Diane Hope with funding from the AZGFD Heritage Fund. 



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