Mormon Lake is one of two natural lakes found in Arizona. It typically does not hold a lot of water except in years when heavy summer monsoon rains arrive or if northern Arizona receives a fair amount of snowfall.

What You'll See

Mormon Lake is a great location to see elk in the late summer, visitors may see hundreds of elk hanging out in the lake bed from July through early September. Waterfowl, bald eagles, a variety of hawks, and other wildlife can also be observed in the area. Mormon Lake is surrounded by Coconino National Forest which provides many trails and roads to explore. There are two overlooks on the east side of Mormon Lake. These are the best locations to stop and view wildlife along Lake Mary Road. Wintering bald eagles can also be found near Mormon Lake from November through late February. Scan the tops of tall, dead trees for perching eagles or see them soaring over the lake as they hunt for fish.  

Getting There

Travel south on Lake Mary Road approximately 25 miles from Flagstaff. Lake Mary Road and County Road 90 form a loop road around the lake providing access to Mormon Lake Village. From the southeast, use Highway 87. 

Helpful Tips


Mormon Lake Lodge offers lodging (RV, cabins, camping), restaurant, general store. 

Access Info 

Roads are generally plowed for residential access year-round. Trails and Forest Service campgrounds are likely to be closed during winter months. 


Coconino National Forest, Flagstaff Ranger District