Located in Flagstaff's Southside, the 2-acre Sawmill County Park sits above the Rio de Flag. It is easily accessed from the park or the FUTS trail that meanders along the edge of the river. While you're there, be sure to visit Willow Bend Environmental Education Center and the sustainably-built shade structure overlooking the canyon. Willow Bend, housed in a sustainably-designed straw-bale building, offers environmentally focused, hands-on programs, activities, and events. It also has available binoculars, wildlife guides, and naturalist backpacks for check out. You can tour the facility and learn about it's conservation features such as water harvesting, solar panels, and passive energy-saving construction.  

What You'll See

The site overlooks Sinclair Wash and offers 6 backyard habitat gardens, built to demonstrate the diversity that can be attracted with native vegetation! Wildlife watchers are treated to hummingbirds and butterflies buzzing overhead that are attracted to the native plants at the Hummingbird garden. Raccoons, skunks and other small mammals often visit the pond garden. On warm days lizards and snakes can be seen sunbathing on rocks at the lizard garden, and occasional deer pass through the are in winter. Throughout the seasons, a wide array of birdlife can be expected while enjoying the park or during a hike along the Rio. Coconino County Parks and Recreation installed identification and interactive signs around the gardens.

Getting There

From Butler Avenue in downtown Flagstaff, drive south on Lone Tree Road and turn left on Sawmill to park at Willow Bend Environmental Education Center. To access Sawmill from the FUTS trail along the Rio de Flag, park at the trailhead on Lone Tree and Brannen Circle. 


Listen to this AWWE audio guide to learn about the great year round birding at Sawmill Park and the trails below in Sinclair Wash, as we take a guided walk with experienced birder, Jason Wilder.

Narrated by Rose Houk, recorded and produced by Diane Hope with funding from the AZGFD Heritage Fund. Recordings of lazuli bunting and Virginia’s warbler calls courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

*Please note that Sawmill Park and Sinclair Wash are covered by the same audio guide. 

Helpful Tips


Play equipment, art display, nature trail, FUTS trail access, Willow Bend Environmental Education Center. 

Access Info

Parking and paved playground access. Trails connecting to the FUTS are rugged.