Sinclair Wash is an urban stretch of wildlife habitat that links University Heights to Sawmill Park via NAU campus along McConnell Drive, and continues along Sinclair Wash to Lone Pine Road. The campus section of this FUTS trail sees heavy use by students and campus employees, yet still offers opportunities to see and hear many wildlife species. 

What You'll See

Wildlife to watch include tree squirrels, songbirds, ravens, and wading birds. Visit early in the mornings, or when NAU is not in session, for the best opportunities to see Black-crowned Night herons and other unique species.

Getting There

Access Sinclair Wash on the FUTS trail from McConnell Circle or Lone Tree Road. The Sinclair Wash trail begins at Fort Tuthill County Park, continues along Highway 89 and then across south NAU campus to Sawmill Park. The 5.7-mile trail continues on to its intersection with the Arizona Trail. 

Helpful Tips


FUTS access. 

Access Info 

FUTS provides access year-round.


Listen to this AWWE audio guide to learn about the great year-round birding at Sawmill Park and the trails below in Sinclair Wash, as we take a guided walk with experienced birder, Jason Wilder.

Narrated by Rose Houk, recorded and produced by Diane Hope with funding from the AZGFD Heritage Fund. Recordings of lazuli bunting and Virginia’s warbler calls courtesy of Cornell Lab of Ornithology.

*Please note that Sawmill Park and Sinclair Wash are covered by the same audio guide. 


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